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Our Story !


We started our search for a dog to help us with our flock of chickens. I had never really heard of a Bernedoodle, I mean I knew what a Bernise was and I knew poodles well but the mix intrigued me. I grew up with large dogs like Newfoundlands and Old English Sheepdogs, both great dogs but just not what I was looking for. I needed a dog that didn't shed. My  friend suggested I look into the Bernedoodle and after much research I settled on Mowgli, my first F1B . I have a son with Cerebral Palsy who has some balance issues and walks with forearm crutches so knowing this pup might grow to be pretty tall, I figured I would have my work cut out for me. To train a larger dog to have good spacial awareness in the home regarding my sons mobility could prove difficult, but my son and I were up for the challenge.   I couldn't believe  this dog was so compliant, gentle and trainable.  He picked things up almost immediately he would walk on opposite sides of the hall allowing my son ample room for mobility and seemed to pick up on his different strengths and weaknesses right away. I was amazed. Then I took him to meet my brother, Josh, who is  non verbal non abulatory and requires full time care by my parents. This dog just sat next to Josh, let him tug on him  and when ever Josh would navigate to another room,  Mowgli would just get up and relocate next to Josh as if to demonstrate his loyalty towards him and awareness of his needs. I was astonished, really, and it was this that drew me in. I researching everything I could about this combined breed of dogs. I truly believe there are dogs that will be dogs and then there are true loyal companions that can make a difference in their human's life.

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